Your way back home
1StartThe medical crew will pick you up
2Ambulance to airportand accompany you to the next airport,
3Airport of departurewhere the ambulance aircraft is already waiting for you.
4Ambulance flightUnder medical assistance we take off to your airport of destination.
5Airport of destinationWhere an ambulance is waiting for your arrival
6Ambulance to hospitaland take you to the hospital of destination.
7DestinationWe will commit you safe and sound to the hospital staff.

We help you, your family and your friends

independent of worldwide insurance cover, rapid and without bureaucracy, if you should have an emergency. Across all borders we provide exactly the help you require and organize air medical transports and medevac flights within the shortest time, in order to guarantee the best-possible air ambulance serviceĀ for the patient. Of course, on request, we also handle communications with government authorities, consulates and clinics for you and, with our comprehensive "bed to bed" service, ensure the highest standards for you.


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A reclined transportation on a scheduled aircraft is a low-cost alternative to an ambulance jet in the case of very remote destinations. Since this [more]

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We recently implemented a return from abroad from Rostov na Donu to Paderborn, with an ambulance aircraft in double-bed configuration. We have once [more]

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