We help you, your family and your friends

independent of worldwide insurance cover, rapid and without bureaucracy, if you should have an emergency. Across all borders we provide exactly the help you require and organize patient transports and movement by air within the shortest time, in order to guarantee the best-possible flying ambulance service for the patient. Of course, on request, we also handle communications with government authorities, consulates and clinics for you and, with our comprehensive "bed to bed" service, ensure the highest standards for you.

Ambulance aircraft

Ambulance jets operate worldwide on medium and long-distance routes. Thus we can also fly to faraway regions where no air traffic control is present. Intensive-care, medically-equipped ambulance aircraft and highly specialized crews provide the best-possible flying ambulance service and ensure rapid and safe travel for the patient with accompanying specialists.

  • Global operations
  • High travel speeds
  • Ready for takeoff in 90 minutes
  • Intensive-care medical equipment
  • Experienced medical crews
  • Possible to have accompanying persons

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Our Service

Whether it involves a ski accident, a car accident or an acute illness - the reasons for a rapid medical evacuation from abroad are diverse. From confirming your medical transformation right through to post-treatment, your personal case manager stands by you and, on request, arranges the entire on the ground patient transportation. 

  • 24 hour accessibility
  • "Bed to Bed" service
  • Free consultation
  • Personal point of contact
  • Transparent offers
  • Quick response
  • Ground transport
  • International patient care
  • Interpreter
  • Supervision

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Ambulance helicopter

The employment of ambulance helicopters enables us to transport patients from region to region rapidly and safely. Hospital transfers are possible, as well as intensive-care medically accompanied patient transportation. Ambulance helicopters have also already taken off to come to your aid within an hour of the alarm.  

  • Global availability
  • Ready for action in 60 minutes
  • Landing at hospitals possible
  • Individual medical equipment
  • Experienced med. crews
  • Night flights possible

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